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Plentzia footbridge

It was built between 1991 and 1992 to replace the old bridge, whose foundations had been damaged as a result of the flood of August 1983.

Aramburu Pharmacy-Museum

A family-owned pharmacy founded in 1888 that is now also a museum. It boasts an exhibition that occupies the original spaces of the apothecary’s shop, and the former laboratory and back room.

Legarrondo Park

Recreation area with access to the estuary where you can practice kayaking or SUP


Isuskiza, also known as the Abanico de Plentzia (Plentzia fan), is one of the secret corners of the municipality.

Practice responsible tourism to take care of Plentzia

  • Prepare your visit
  • Respect the environment and minimise your footprint
  • Respect health recommendations and rules
  • Purchase local products and support local businesses
  • Practice responsible tourism