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Plasentia de Butrón Museum

The Plasentia de Butrón Foundation founded the museum in 1988. It was located in the tower-house (dated 1562) where the former town hall had been placed, and it  aimed at recovering and exhibiting different elements of the history of Plentzia and its region.

Crusoe Treasure

Crusoe Treasure is a boutique winery of wines treasured at the bottom of the sea, as well as the world’s first artificial reef and cellar. It was founded by adventurers with a passion for wines who who aimed at creating unique premium wines with a distinctive touch.


Discover Plentzia’s bay and estuary on a boat trip! Sail along the Biscayan flysch on a guided water tour or rent a boat and enjoy a wonderful relaxing day.


Even though the beach of Plentzia is protected by the bay, a small wave takes shape at the mouth of the estuary.


La ría es el lugar ideal para la práctica del SUP (stand up paddle). Con varios puntos de acceso a lo largo de ella, podrás remontarla hasta el barrio de Isuskiza o continuar un poco más, hasta el siguiente muelle.


Plentzia is the start and end point for several routes. Routes are a perfect activity to do with family and friends, or even enjoy some time on your own. Put on your trekking shoes and discover the diverse landscapes of Uribe Kosta!

Practice responsible tourism to take care of Plentzia

  • Prepare your visit
  • Respect the environment and minimise your footprint
  • Respect health recommendations and rules
  • Purchase local products and support local businesses
  • Practice responsible tourism