Plasentia de Butrón Museum 

The Plasentia de Butrón Foundation founded the museum in 1988. It was located in the tower-house (dated 1562) where the former town hall had been placed, and it  aimed at recovering and exhibiting different elements of the history of Plentzia and its region.


The museum displays documentation of the Fishermen Associaton of Plentzia (1524-1870) and the Nautical School of Plentzia (which existed until 1933). Plans and dioramas of the estuary and its old shipyards, paintings and models of ships are also exhibited, including some votive offerings. In addition, the museum holds temporary exhibitions and cultural activities throughout the year, as well as guided tours.

Goienkale, 25
946 773 725



Crusoe Treasure

Crusoe Treasure is a “boutique” winery which sells wines that have been preserved in the sea depths. It is also the world’s first underwater winery and artificial reef. Created by thrill seekers and wine lovers who aimed at producing premium wines, quite different from any other so far produced.


Various wine tastings are carried out throughout the year, either on board or in the vineyard, located in the neighboring municipality of Barrika. At these tasting events you will also be given the chance to know the daily work of the winery. Come and live a unique wine tourism experience!

Calle Areatza s/n
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Thanks to the position of the bay, the beach has barely got currents, turning it into one of the safest and most beautiful in the Basque Country. In addition, the small wave which is formed at the mouth of the estuary is perfect for surfing for the first time. Likewise, Plentzia has several accesses to the estuary, where you can live different adventures, either on your own or  guided by other  experts who perfectly know the place.

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